Cadence the Pit Bull used as punching bag for other fight dogs! Discover how she finds joy after being in the depths of despair!

I do not know the beginning stages of Cadence’ life and how she was raised as a puppy. I do know a little about her middle stages (which I’ll explain) and we definitely know a whole bunch more of what she became.

This story of redemption is a tear jerker, so grab some tissues. It all started one evening when Hope For Paws received an urgent call notifying them of an injured, collapsed Pit Bull who’d been roaming the streets.

When Hope For Paws arrived at the scene they immediately noticed the dog had puncture wombs around her face and eyes. A horrible sight to be seen!

With a little patience, they were able to put a leash around her head and transport her to a comfortable facility where they could evaluate the injuries and proceed with surgery right away.

They soon discovered that Cadence was used as a bait dog. What’s a bait dog you may ask?

Gotta Love Dogs author N. Gilbert explains it perfectly. “A bait dog is basically a punching bag for game (fighting) dogs.” Bait dogs are not supposed to bite back or damage their fighting dogs at all and must remain the victim.

Most of the time bait dogs die a helpless, scared and painful death their last few minutes of their life. Many bait dogs do not survive the “game” and those who do survive are permanently scarred physically and emotionally.

Nothing about this is cute or lovely but the truth needs to be told and hang in there, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the end result on what destiny had in store for sweet Cadence.

Cadence underwent her intensive surgery to repair any damage she obtained from her bait dog experience.

Through rehabilitation, extensive eye surgery and time spent with other dogs and people, Cadence found healing physically and emotionally and was adopted into her forever home where she now has a second chance living and loving life to the fullest!