He Doesnt Know His Family Is Never Coming Back For Him

Abandoning a dog at the side of the road is one of the most cruel things a dog owner can do.

The dog is left confused as to why he’s not wanted anymore, and is exposed to the elements and dangers of the wild. Not many dogs manage to pull through these circumstances, but there are some who get the chance they deserve to receive some love and affection in a new home.

On a Miami street corner, people found a dog who started living in a cardboard box. He’d been dumped on the side of the road by his previous owner, who had been kind enough to leave a few blankets behind and a container of water. Soon, someone erected the small structure out of a cardboard box for the dog to sleep in. And then a tarp was placed on top to keep his new place dry.


Soon, the entire community was doing all that it could to ensure that the dog was at least comfortable as he waited for he owner who wasn’t coming back. But even with those necessities, it isn’t a place he could really call home.



When temperatures became cold, some of the local residents tried to coax the dog into their homes to keep him warm, but he would only growl and run away. Not wanting to stress the dog, they simply added more blankets to his box to help him withstand the dropping temperatures. This isn’t the first time the neighourhood has rescued a stray dog either. The area is notorious for being close to dog fight rings, and these ownerless dogs will wander into their streets.