Dog hit in front of people at bus stop, nobody helped because he is a pit bull

On Friday morning, near a bus stop in Far Rockaway, N.Y., a stray pit bull was struck by a car.

Though the dog was obviously injured, and screaming in pain, the people at the bus stop only looked on – scared to help because of his breed and the sad reputation which typically accompanies it.

Thankfully, there was an onlooker who knew of individuals who would help – neighbors who work to rescue this very breed.

The good Samaritan contacted Matt and Sloane Miner, alerting them to the injured dog and asking for help.

Help arrived literally in the nick of time – just as Matt rushed to help the dazed, staggering dog from the road, another car narrowly missed hitting him again.

Miner rushed the dog, dubbed “Marky,” by his rescuers, to the Animal Hospital of The Rockaways, where he was given a full exam.

Though Marky was bleeding, he has somehow escaped serious injury.

Marky does not know his rescuers, and he is obviously traumatized after his life-threatening ordeal, but it has not dampened his affectionate demeanor.