History of Sorrells Bloodline

Bert Sorrell bred, sold, and owned champion dogs that have been used in pit fighting for nearly 40 years.

His interested in the breed started at an early age, and as his love for the breed grew so did his knowledge of its history.

He befriended may ‘Old Timers’ and learned from their experience to include Earl Tudor, Ralph Greenword, Bert Clouse, Floyd Boudreaux, Howard Heinzl, Colby, Clyde Mason, Joe Corvino, Al Brown, and Maurice Carver.

“Tudor’s Goldie” was a champion Pit Bull and the foundation dog to Sorrell’s line, which was created based of the breed’s history and formation. The bloodline became respected by other Pit Bull fanciers.

Some people believe that the line is one of the bulkier Pit Bull lines, but Sorrell’s Pit Bulls have been sought after. Between Bert’s experience and knowledge and his (ex)wife- Joanie Winchester- the pair was able to create a great Pit Bull.

After the divorce, Bert took his dogs and bred them to Redboy, whereas Joanie began breeding her Sorrell dogs to the Carver bloodline, creating the Tatonka bloodline.

Bert no longer breeders his dog’s, but they still make a play in the history of Pit Bull blood.