Homeless Pit Bulls Body Is Covered In Strange Bumps Then Rescuers Realize What’s Wrong

Whenever you find an animal that needs your help, it is natural to try your best to help, no matter how slim the chances may be. This is a good example.  In Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, a woman came across a pit bull lying on the road curb but nevertheless, she got out of her car to inspect the dog more closely. This took the dog by surprise and it immediately sat up to look at her.

This pit bull’s name is Ramsey and thankfully he is still alive. However, the woman was horrified to see thousands of ticks on his body so she contacted the Amigos De Los Animales PR animal shelter and was advised to transport him to the shelter immediately after sending a video footage of his condition to them!

The manager of the shelter, Adrienne Lastra was alarmed after receiving the footage.