Hulk’s Adorable Pit Bull Puppies Learn To Swim

Its really impressing how quickly they learn to swim. Took the first puppy only about 10 seconds maybe.
1st puppy:” I’m doing it dad Dada dad dad look dadadaddada look dad look I’m doing it dad look at me“
“Imma drink da water
No drink da water!
But but…drink da water!
No. Drink. Da water.
Then… Ima swim the water!
Heh, that’s fine And a little drinky, okay?“
This is the adorable moment a tiny pit bull puppy learned to swim in a bathtub. The four-week-old male named Tigger is captured on camera shyly taking to the warm water and learning to float. As he is lifted out his natural instinct to paddle continues for ten seconds while his paws drip dry and he quietly stares into the camera. The puppy and his siblings are being trained to swim by their owner Marlon Grennan of Dark Dynasty K9s, in New Hampshire, USA.