Monsters Beat This Pit Bull Badly… But What Happens When He Meets A Stranger Left Me Shocked!

Alex, an animal rescuer, wasn’t sure what she was signing up for the first time she met Petey, a badly beaten shelter pit bull on death row. The video below from PAWsitive shares his story.
Pit Bull Petey had suffered horrific trauma, with his head swollen to nearly twice it’s normal size.
Alex says that when she saw the battered animal in a shelter with a cone around his neck, her heart broke and she had an immediate connection to him.
“Petey would have been euthanized,” she says. “Without a doubt. There was no way anyone was going to rescue this dog. There’s no way.”






Recognizing that she may be Petey’s only chance at surviving, she immediately rushed him to a vet. It took him three weeks to recover from his physical wounds, but Alex knew he’d require much more than a recuperative environment.

That’s where Robyn stepped in.

10 weeks after Petey had been rescued, he was ready to meet his forever mom.

Robyn says that she knew right away that Petey was special in spite of all of the physical and emotional trauma that he’d undergone.

From the moment she met him and to this day, she says, Petey has an endless supply of affection. “He’s all muscle,” she says, “but he’s all heart underneath.”

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