No One Thought Pit Bull With Dwarfism Would Survive 4 Years Later Shes Proving Them All Wrong

Normally when someone adopts a dog, everyone celebrates a new friendship that will last for years and have a lasting impact on human and dog alike.Unfortunately, when Ernie Altamirano adopted Sassy, the rescue organization, veterinarians, and even others warned him not to get too attached to this dog. In all likelihood, they said, his little pit bull puppy wouldn’t live past three years.That was because the pit bull puppy, who Altamirano named Sassy, was born with dwarfism as well as serious congenital deformities, likely due to inbreeding.As a result of this bad breeding, Sassy is only about a quarter of the size of a normal pit bull. She also has curved, twisted forelegs; malformed, flat feet; and a tongue that doesn’t entirely fit inside her mouth. She has difficulty moving and breathing.Despite all that, Sassy just turned four.Inbreeding is an awful practice that results in congenital deformities and disabilities in dogs, all in the name of creating “pure” breeds.











More often, dogs like Sassy end up with conditions that make their lives tougher than they have to be and diminish their chances of finding a loving home. At worst, dogs like Sassy end up getting euthanized because of their “undesirable” statusSassy was lucky to be adopted by Altamirano, who loves her no matter what she looks like. She lives with him in Long Island, NY, with two other disabled pooches named Chiqui Gonzalez and Dolly Parton.Although Sassy might have her share of issues, she’s not letting them get her down. Her personality inspires everyone she meets!

Sassy was born to a backyard breeder and was likely the product of inbreeding.

She was taken to a local shelter due to her multiple birth deformities, and then she was taken in by Forgotten Friends of Long Island, a New York-based rescue organization that cares specifically for animals who would be euthanized due to age, illness, or birth defects like Sassy’s.