Pensacola pit bull rescue to move into shelter building

A pit bull named Chuck Norris has scratches on the sides of his jaw that look like battle scars to the untrained eye. But to Carrie Turner, they’re signs of love.The 1-year-old rescue has only been in the care of Phoenix Rising Rescue for a little more than a week, but he already has bonded with Sweet Potato, who is responsible for many of the playful scratches.While the two pit bull mixes play rough — like their breed often does — that’s where the stereotype ends, as far as Turner is concerned.And Turner would know — she’s the force behind a Pensacola dog rescue that will soon have a new home.RELATED CONTENT:Former military bomb tech unites with long-awaited service dogStarting next week, Phoenix Rising Rescue will have a base at 9250 Chemstrand Road. It’s a building where more than a dozen dogs can have a home, a yard and toys to keep them busy until they meet their new owners.It’s often more difficult to find owners for pit bulls that end up in shelters, Turner said. Some renters and homeowners can’t own pit bulls for insurance reasons, certain shelters won’t adopt them out and many won’t give them a chance because of the stigma their breed carries.That’s why Turner started the dog rescue in 2014. While she primarily takes in pit bulls, she said she will house any breed that needs a good home.Since its start, the rescue has grown steadily, and now, it has outgrown the handful of volunteers who foster the animals and schedule meetings with potential adopters.”I saw the great need in Escambia County for rescues that will deal with those ‘bully breeds,’ so we kind of launched into that, and it grew and grew, and as people decided to support us we became what we are now, Turner said.