Pit Bull Adoption

What do you need to know before you adopt a Pit Bull? We asked the experts!

California Pit Bull Rescue says:
We would say that before adopting a Pit Bull type dog, people should know that there are no special behaviors that make “Pit Bulls” different from other dogs. Their behavior is canine behavior. Furthermore, all Pit Bulls (and all dogs) are individuals with vastly differing personality traits. Some are couch potatoes while others are sleek athletes. Some are party-hardies while others prefer a quiet life with just their special people.The most important thing people should be prepared to do when they adopt a Pit Bull is to be responsible dog guardians – with any breed, training and public representation are very important but this is especially so for Pit Bull type dogs because of the burdens put upon them by ridiculous myths and media misrepresentation. Educate yourself, be open-minded, and be prepared for a lifetime of priceless, enthusiastic love.















Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue says:
Regarding adopting a pit bull, they are wonderful dogs for the right family! Pit bulls are very intelligent and they need a structured home that will teach them how to be well mannered and socialized. Pit bulls are not a type of dog you adopt to ignore and leave on the end of a chain. Pit bulls are great in families with kids. They are rough and tumble type dogs that are not easily scared or hurt, making them a great jungle gym. Pit bulls love their owners with a heart and devotion unlike any other breed and with this kind of admiration comes great responsibility! To know the love of a pit bull is like nothing else, and families that are responsible, committed owners know their dogs are well worth it!

Bombshell Bullies Pit Bull Rescue says:
Choose a dog to adopt based on whether his personality is a good match for you and your household/lifestyle. Too many dogs are returned/dumped at shelters because the owners don’t have time for a high-energy dog, or the dog doesn’t get along with the other pets or children in the home. Don’t choose a dog because of what he looks like; choose a dog based on if he, as an individual, is a good match for you.

Attending obedience/training classes with your pit bull is a must. Remember that the dog that you are adopting will not only be a reflection of you, but a representative of his breed.

Pit Bulls tend to be high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise, attention, and training. Be sure you are up for it.