Pit Bull With Sad Past Won’t Let Babies Out Of Her Sight

Dory, a very pregnant canine who was being kept chained up and used for reproducing in Florida, was saved in the nick of time to have her babies. What her rescuers didn’t recognize in the beginning was that her daughter, Destiny, was likewise pregnant and in need of help.

( BHBD) saved Dory from her life of reproducing and helped her bring to life eight puppies: 5 young boys and 3 women. Dory was not the only canine the household had utilized for breeding – Destiny also fell victim to the exact same fate.

“Dory’s foster mom and volunteers browsed and found her with 4 living and several deceased young puppies. The owner agreed to give up the family to BHBD.”

When the little family was found, they weren’t in the greatest shape. Destiny had mange, and her pups were covered in ticks and fleas. While physically Destiny wasn’t doing very well, mentally she was even worse. The bad dog clearly didn’t trust human beings, and had no idea what was going to take place to her and her babies.

” She is extremely shy, quiet and sweet,” Trinity stated. “It is apparent she has actually not had it easy and is really not sure of people.”

Destiny’s four making it through children are all women, and have been called Bailey, Pearl, Coral and Peach.

She’s been an extraordinary mother up until now, and keeps a close eye on her girls to make sure they’re constantly safe.

Once Destiny and her babies were healthy and safe, her rescuers offered her yet another gift – a reunion with her mama, Dory.

” They were reunited and they just licked and licked each other,” Trinity said. “We were fortunate enough that Dory’s foster mother included Destiny and her infants too so they are weaning their puppies together.”