Pit bulls survive face off with a porcupine

Three pit bulls found themselves in a prickly situation when they faced off with a porcupine they encountered on a walk.Things got rough for the pups when 9-year-old Soljah got a chin full of spikes after sniffing out the razor-sharp rodent in an abandoned barn in Saskatchewan, Canada.His two brothers immediately sprang into action — with one pouncing directly on top of the porcupine, eventually killing it.Click to Imagee!!











“The dogs went into protect-the-older-brother mode and it went bad,” owner Dennis Mazur told the Canada Star.

Mahalo, a 19-month-old pit, suffered the worst injuries — with more than 1,000 quills throughout her body, including one that nearly pierced her heart.

Her brawling buddy, 9-month-old Nestah, also got a face full of quills.

The injured dogs required multiple surgeries to remove the dagger-like objects — resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills for Mazur, who has missed work numerous times to be with his precious pets.

But one of his friends started a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs, raising more than $11,000 in a week.

All three pups are currently resting up and are expected to make a full recovery.

“The doctor said it’s a miracle,” Mazur told the Canada Star.