A Rescued Stray Dog Is Happy Wagging His Tail And Giving Kisses And Hugs

He was so happy to be rescued and couldn’t contain his excitement.

Rescue a dog whenever you can to see them happy like this and to comfort them from suffering.

They may be helpless sometimes and all they need is your love and care. Like this poor pup in the picture.

XO was rescued after he was found as s stray alone on the streets of Brockton, Massachusetts. He was in a horrible condition and without any collar or a microchip showing his owners.

The City of Brockton Animal Control took him.

The one-year-old pup weighed only 15 pounds.

He was examined by the vet and was found to be infected by  demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection.

XO didn’t let his poor condition affect him. He remained the happy dog he was and was extremely happy with the attention that anyone would give.

His past wasn’t of a great effect on his high spirits. XO was so happy to the extent that he kept wagging his tail until it bled!

Alyssa Ellman of Second Chance Rescue NYC explained that XO took only short time to be happy again and forget about his past and pain.

The lovely pup loved to follow everyone at the rescue while wagging his tail. He would be happier when given treats.

The shelter tried to look for a foster home for XO and they contacted Ellman and Second Chance hoping they would help.

Ellman didn’t take too long before stopping by the shelter to pick XO. She met him and immediately fell in love with him. She knew such a lovely dog would find a home easily.

Ellman described how she was in tears seeing such a lovely pup in pain. She was the one to give him his name XO as all he wanted to do was giving hugs and kisses to everyone.

She managed to find him a foster home and a foster mom who loves him. XO gained 10 more pounds since his rescue.

He still has a long way to full recover, but he has proven to be strong.

We wish him a quick recovery!