(VIDEO) Pitbull attack: cyclist viciously attacked by 2-year-old dog, posts wounds to Facebook

Richard Holt was on a routine bike ride, cycling with a friend up Highway 265 in Washington County when he was viciously attacked by a pitbull. The two cyclists were training for an upcoming race in Little Rock, Arkansas, when suddenly three dogs caught sight of them. Holt says for no reason at all, one of the dogs, a 2-year-old pitbull named BeBe, lunged at him.Click to Videoo!!











The pitbull mauled Holt’s leg, digging in deep and creating several deep gashes. Holt did his best to fight off the canine, and eventually pried its jaws off of his leg, but not before some major damage was done. Holt says the dog didn’t hit any major arteries, so aside from some nasty bite wounds, he feels lucky to be alive, no thanks to the local Washington County Sheriff’s deputies who arrived on the scene. Holt says the cops and the animal control officer who showed up were unhelpful, and so he posted the gruesome photos of the attack to Facebook, hoping for some social media justice. Holt has since told his story to several media outlets, prompting the police to apologize for their lack of care toward his attack. They have since taken BeBe in, along with the other two dogs involved in the incident, to be quarantined as the investigation continues.



The dog’s owner, Ashyton Salvens, says he dogs would never have attacked unless provoked, and blames Holt for the attack. Rural Washington County has no leash laws, so dogs are essentially allowed to run wild.